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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clockwork !

Most people who are in regular jobs will relate to this. Our lives or atleast mine , ( and since i am a very normal next door guy i expect most people would share the feeling ), my life is like clockwork ! but not in a positive way, i feel my life is like a day itself and all my days are replicas, even the weekend would feel like the double replicas of the previous weekends. We keep moving from one chore to another almost as if we are floating....right from getting out of the bed to brushing your teeth, wearing that striped shirt to putting your cell phone in your pocket... tic tac tic tac ... i know you are saying... So ?? what is wrong with that ? whats wrong in getting up and reaching office in time. But i feel that ... wouldnt this kind of life be that of an android ? Going about this routine for couple of years and your imagination will plummet.

Consider this, walk into your imaginative world with me ....imagine taking a wooden stick and walking to a section of a beach with levelled sand. Feel the wind in your face and listen to the faint screeching of distant sea fowls. Look down at the levelled part of the beach you are standing on... Make a symbol in that sand let it be any thing a Swastika or Ying Yang or what ever, may be your names intial letter. Now keep going over and over it. Make that A or S deeper every time, you would realise two things.... One going over and over the same shape is now easier coz its ingrained deeper everytime ! and the stick is oblivious of the surface and is just merry in its small trench, The second thing you would notice is that the impression A or S is getting more prominent on the surface. Now pour some water in that trench , see it fill up the symbol you made. where am i taking you ? ... :) To the beach of course... now just stand up and look at the image from a distance you see the swirling water in the trenches.. i draw parallel the levelled sand to our brain and the trench is our core activities which we keep doing in and out throughout the day without even realising.... the water you pored was new information about the world , ideas and thoughts which you pick up inadvertently. But you see the new ideas are not able to make an impact on your brain , they get stuck in your original way of working/thinking. Thats why people say that you see and hear things which you want to, If only we wouldnt have made those trenches, the water would have made new designs both beautiful and ugly but then there would have been a thrill of the unknown, its like this.. you are on a roller coaster ride and there are two scenarios, one you know there is sharp U turn ahead and second you dont know what is being thrown at you, in which case would you be more excited and looking forward to something ?? You know the answer right...

So if only we can make our lives "not predictable". Only if we can get up on the other side of our beds, only if we can break the norms set on us by ourselves. Only if we are conscious of our actions and try to probe upon our own thougths and try to come up with a new way to doing regular stuff. Only if we try to break out of our comfort zone . and you we will see a remarkable change in the way you workl. You may even allow the water stream to break out of the vedges......

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