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Thursday, March 29, 2007

H1B and everything about it.

I did some research on H1B and i thought i would share it with anybody stumbling accross this page.

H1B is not for you if :-

You like the "desi chai" of the nukkad around your office.
Want to get to know every pulse of what India is upto.
You are a social animal and like getting along with other members of your khandan on diwali and holi and the odd nephews birthday.
If you have a working wife and she is willing to leave her work for few years, ( she cant work if she is on H4 visa with you )
You adore your parents so much that you cant leave them on their own when sunset is around the corner in their lives.
If you cannot tolerate the slightest of racial discrimination, i mean even the rowing eyes which raised eyebrows.
If you dont want to be an "indentured worker".

H1B is for you.
If you wish to make quick buck and have the discipline to go back to India to utilize the quick buck.
If you want to settle in US, have kids and think you have done a great job by having them here and saying they are american citizens now.
You really love the squeaky clean airports and great highways of US.

So you decide...
some links which will help you.

Dont get all negative on the H1B thing, but do enough research on it before you jump boat, and bottom line if you think like me ie if you think you want to make some big money real quickly and dont want to setlle in US and you think you have the discipline to go back to India then do the following.
sit down with your spouse or alone, and have a figure in Rs that this much i want to save during my stay in US, dont talk about the duration, just the figure that you think you will be happy with. Then negotiate your salary to start with and jump on the bandwagon, if i would be you i will not get greedy for Green Card coz i dont want to settle here right... So dont think too much about jumping jobs. go ahead find another contracting firm who will pay you more and help you reach the goal u have in mind. As soon as you make that figure i would suggest time to pack up. Time to go to dear India :)

think about it. !


kiran said...

thank you. your content gives a good lead for a better journey ahead and also to be a Indian.

shishodia said...

Buddy someone has said, " You never tend to get everything in your life, you get something you lose something..
The choice is yours !"