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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Closet and it's skeletons ...

Her hands are wet, Not good ... For me ... Clumsy ... It can slippppppp !!!

The ugly looking lizard was completely still on the door as if it was bolted to it . It was looking straight ahead into infinity and didn't seem to move at all. As good as dead to me . The plants looked as if they have not been watered since ages , the withered remains of the dense network of branches and the dropped yellow leaves hinted of a promising lush green past . Neglect does that to things, be it plants or relationships !
Interesting view, windows are mostly draped I can see through a narrow slit between two curtains. The living room is visible, some part of the dining as well , there is a candle on the dining table , a red candle. It's almost noon but the whole house is submerged into total darkness. It's not a power outage ! I can see movement , What is that ??? I can see her sitting on a chair facing the candle . She is in a red colored gown, her shoulder length hair are all over the place , total mess , weary eyes, dark under eye circles suggest sleepless nights ( doing what ? I wonder )  I can see other things on the table , a knife,  a lemon , somebody's framed picture . Why is the lemon red ??? Is it her blood ? I felt my pulse rising , Transfixed ... I lost her ! She was looking at the picture now she is gone ... Where is she ... She suddenly appears between the curtains , She is at the window I think she saw me  !!!! I hear the door being cranked open in a hurry ...... Shucks am I made out ?

Wind ... A strong one ..... Push ... And Off .... Again ..

Am i thankful or not ... I almost had a heart attack ,
This one has some undraped windows , even the door is ajar . Brightly lit rooms. I can see a woman, nice to see some real people who don't look crazy. She is dressed nicely , She keeps checking herself in the mirror .Looks like she just got ready to go somewhere ... Or may be someone is visiting ? Seems like a house of a young couple . I see some pictures of the married couple by the corner table .Nice looking couple .There are fresh flowers on the table . The door bell rings, she seems excited and anxious .More excited than anxious is what I read . On the way to the door she passes the full length mirror , pauses , takes one final look at herself, a seductive smile , she is pleased with herself ! She is beautiful indeed. She reaches for the door . Some one comes in I cannot see who ... A small joyful shriek from the woman . Looks like he got her flowers , I hear her swooning , I can see a warm embrace , getting warmer , She has her arms around his shoulders , his on her waist .. Snuggling ... The embrace is growing into a right hug by the second ... He swings her, as she swivels on her heels , she closes the door behind them without taking her eyes off him . The bouquet falls off her hand, they don't bother to pick it up either . I finally get to see the lucky man . Wait it minute !! He is not the same man as her husband ! The man in the house is not the same as the one in the picture on the corner table .

"What took you so lonnnng ?" Smiled and complained the woman.
"I am sorry, you know how she is, always nagging and started a fight over spilled milk in the morning , it's with great difficulty that I managed to calm her down. She was after my poor mothers life !"

"I hate her !"

"I hate her too !"

"A man like you deserves better ! ... Forget her now that you are here honey .. I love this blue shirt by the way ! So happy to see you like the shirts I pick out for you ..."

"I love your ......"

The words died as they moved into the bedroom.  I cannot see them anymore nor can I hear anything . People and their emotional , physical needs .

Hey little bird ! What do you want ? Hey ! Stop hopping around ... Don't come close .. Hey ... Here I go again :( !!! What a day ...

There is a wind chime at the door , it is not alone , it has gush of wind to keep company . The round wooden disks held by the tattered threads are rocking in the wind but are not rocking enough to make contact with the metal cylinders in the chime ... There is movement but no sound , like there is "life" but it's not "Alive" ! The curtains are open and so is the door , a rocking chair is kept outside along with some young child's toys . I can see the living room , an old woman  , must be in 70s , walks in slowly . She carries a sad face . Her dress hints at her being a widow. She pulls herself a chair and is about to slump on it , when another woman barges in shouting at top of her voice .

"What the hell is happening ? Where do you think you are going ? The dishes are yet to be cleaned ? "

"I am just trying to have my medicines, also I had ironed the white shirt, what did my son wear to office today ?" Said the old woman in a low voice .

"Now I keep track if what your son wears ! Don't I have better things in life ? I think I saw him go out in the blue shirt... Which I don't even know when did he buy !!"

Harassed mother in law and a nagging wife , no wonder he is finding solace in someone else's arms . The toddler came crawling to find his toys ...

Hey stay away I am not your toy , you will not be able to handle me ... Stay awayyyyy
Here I go again ....

The scene here is very somber , people are weeping and are huddled together. There are some women who are inconsolable . There are medics around , an ambulance but it seems it's not going anywhere . Who ever it was it's too late for him it seems . People are talking , the man who has passed away was a  big business man he also used to regularly operate a pawn shop. Seems many people owed money to him . There is his immediately family . I can see a very young child and a young wife too. Too bad I feel ...
I haven't seen his face yet, people are saying it was a sudden heart attack . I am outside and right now in a total mess in household dirt and body hair , it seems the toddlers hairs in which I am intertwined . I mange to take a look at the man when he is being brought out. To my horror it's the same man who's photograph I saw on the red woman's table . A chill runs up my spine a I look upwards ... I can see the same woman , her black silhouette with messy hair dangling below . She was looking straight at me . I started getting nervous . Suddenly she shouts out to a boy standing near by.

"Hey kid ! Can you pick that up ? It's mine I dropped it "

I don't want to get in her hands ! Scared .. I cannot even run away .. The kid picks me up and as he starts to move toward the stairs . His friends run Into him with their cycles . Whamm... He slips falls and drops me .. Forgets about me and runs after his friends shrieking and making sounds ..

"Hey Kid !!" shouted the woman from above ...

But he didn't listen and ran away, narrow escape I felt . Time went by I was left unnoticed . As I was thinking about the days events I thanked my stars and wondered about the lives I saw today . Did the crazy woman owed money to this business man ? What had she pawned for her loan ? Suddenly a young boy stopped and picked me up. Worried I was if he was the same kid but he wasn't . While in his pocket I don't realise where he is going .. Some turns some stairs some door bells I hear . I am
taken out and placed on a table . I am still not clean ... But nonetheless I cannot have a worse day than I already had . As I said that to myself .. I noticed the table I was at ... I see the familiar red candle, and the dark room...... My heart sank and then I felt my heart racing . I felt someone standing behind me , and then as if I stopped breathing .. The same red dressed woman was standing , sporting a  wry smile . She reaches out to me and pulls out the hair strand of the young toddler whose father passed away in the morning .. This witch had a son ! And of all the people I had to be picked up by him !

I am just a big red clothesline clip which couldn't hold on to the wire where I belonged !

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