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Monday, February 22, 2010


If there is anything in this world, which is always persitent, consistent, doesnt slow down, is not tired, is never weary, doesnt wait for any ones approving nod instead moves on,does not take a break, does not feel the need to relax, does not wait to smell the flowers, is unfazed by failure and stoic in success, does not care if things are good or if its otherwise, is impartial,impersonal, indifferent, is aloof despite being part of everything .. is...... Time.

Time is eternal, time is pervasive, time is fair .... Despite being fair it is unusally scrupulous in rewarding those who respect it and blatantly penalizes those who dont. With each movement of the seconds hand on your wrist watch, Time chops away small (equal) chunks of your life, like an efficient woodchuck. Soon you see yourself in the mirror as the guy who has now grown a little old, streaks of white hair start sprouting on your head and you console your self on "growing mature". Hours turn into days, days into weeks and a year goes by without you noticing. Suddenly you are looking at the next new year party and at times with some awe....
gosh the whole year went by!!. When do you think that feeling settles on us ? No! not on the 31st Dec :P ... but when do we feel like cheated or .. wasted.. , thats when we dont respect time for what it is. Time is something which you can never recover. Once gones it stays like that, and do you even remotely think that you have an infinite amount of it ? I dont think so but still most of us have habits which tend to absue time. What do you think happens to someone or something in your life when you start abusing it ? your colleague, spouse or your car ? It runs out of your life faster than you thought... right :) ? Same is with time, moment we start ignoring it, it starts ignoring us big time and races ahead as if its in a 100 m sprint and the 100 mts is a cicular ring than a straight pitch, because it never stops it never reaches the finish line. Hell it doesnt even stop when you are dead..:). So, we should .. try.. i said try not to absue this celestial peice of intangible but quantifiable matter.

Let me make a feeble attempt so this concept is rammed hard in your brain that time is precious (actually) ...For a change.. :) no matter how rich or how poor you are , Time gives you exactly 24 hours a day. I feel surpised why we dont treat these "hours" as precious, perishable quantities ? consider it this way, say you are the Master of yourself... take a second to digest what i said... you are master of yourself, ie picture youself sitting right at your apex behind those eyes.. yes .. where the brain is and consider yourself looking out of those eyes and picture yourself listening through those ears, think like you are detached and you own this body ,its like a giant robot right out of those manga robtos comic books. Now that you have pictured this , assume full responsibility of this robot.This robot like every machine needs to be "maintained" in order for it to be functional. Some greater God considers you a spendthrift and decides to pay you only in limited amounts of 24 "hours" every day, and these are perishable. With every hour gone past you have one less left to work with, so you can do the necessary things required to "maintain" this robot. How would you spend your 24 hours ? may be now with lot of care. With every hour you need to buy a new activity pay more in hours to learn that activity so your robot can be productive. Basically you need those hours to invest in yourself, your relationships, your life and strive towards being a better you.

We always look forward to the next version of any product right ? When is next version of iphone going to be realsed, when is the next version of your favourtive app going to hit the market. when is your favourite author going to write his next novel..... why dont we expect this from ourselves. Dont you think the world around you, esp the people who love, care about you expect to see .2 released ? A better you ? Still with defects and bugs and certain crashes which only God can foresee ;) .. in this new version but definitely this version of you has covered some functional defects :) before turning in to ".2".

Lets kickstart a new you, lets just start with you appreciating time...
[ i just took 5 minutes off your hour] Hope it was well spent :P
Keep Busy.....