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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Nah.. i am not rambling about dog food supplements :P . i have always felt that its helpful to have your reputation walk in front of you, the better it is .. more fair is the chance of making a positive impression, when i say some one is of a good pedigree it usually means that x y z is from a particular community of the elite or "best of the best" brand ;) , it could be a niche group of programmers at google or bunch of scientists at DRDO, something which sets them apart.... however .. as i put it.. a good pedigree will help you get a standing ovation when you walk down to the starting line of a 100 m dash... but how you run depends on how you trained your self" :). So always strive to build a niche for yourself, be authoritative in something.... it could be gardening or compiler design.. anything you feel you have a genuine interest.. try to make a passion out of it... trust me it will help...

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